Maggy Kalaghe, a student at Kenya medical training college and a nurse in the making. Apart from being an orphan we want to look unto what was the driving factors that puts her at her current course. We pride ourselves for the contribution that we have done in shaping such precious life. As Maggy explains her then situation, a good comparison will articulate an analytic person who was driven by one percent (1%) chance and ninety-nine (99%) faith. And when the chance came her way she grabbed and made use of it fully.

2012, Maggy joined Voi secondary school for her O Levels. It wasn’t easy for her to come to terms with the fact that, she had no parents of her own but a guardian to see her fees through. Difficult situations were paramount and real. Unavoidable, frequent in and out of school during her two years in high school.“The two years were unbearable. You learn half the term and the rest you are out, wondering where the guardian will find the fees for the rest of the term” she was still believing and nothing waved the fact that she was going to be through one day.

It was a comeback and rejuvenation of study life. She was to indeed rise above the situation. She was to show the true color of a hopeful individual and yes the rest of her study years were buried in the pages of books. No worries of fees any more as ABE Club had taken care of that. Such chances are great opportunities for people who see a finished house when it is just a marble. In the year 2014 Maggy sat for her Kenyan certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) and then the results were out the following year. She had scored a grade that was enough to take her to medical in college. She was to settle for her second profession that was nursing and stayed on course.

“Abe club is a wonderful and caring club, it has programs which have benefited many and enable them pursue their dreams and gives them the courage and determination to work hard having been assured sponsorship. Thank you so much for your support. You are a parent to many, God bless you” echoed Maggy.

currently employed and working in a hospital in Voi area, wishing her the very best in her career.

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