“I joined Moi High school in the year 2006” started Dorothy. This story is about how ABE came to identify itself and changed the life of Dorothy, a lady from Rungaka Village and who is disabled. When she was joining Moi high school , her mum was not sure that her daughter will be able to complete her high school studies since she was very poor. During her first term in Moi high school, she was called by the principle and asked to write a letter to ABE requesting for sponsorship. It was not long she was awarded the scholarship and settled in for her studies.

The four years went on smoothly. Nothing could worry her studies. In fact fees were paid during the beginning of the year which meant therefore at no point was she required to go back home for anything like fees. The high school season were good times and at some point there were give a ways to handle minor upkeep, again ABE did it. If it’s a question of lucky then she was very lucky.

Four years of intensive studies ended when she sat for her KCSE and was due as per the laws and regulations by the Kenya laws and curriculum. She believes her basic education came because someone somewhere was in a position to sponsor her education. I second and fully support her views. Had it not been ABE maybe her disability status would have become a liability in the long run. But that is not the case.  Infact, immediately she had completed her high school, ABE made it possible for her to proceed to study some basic computer skills. What in Kenya is called Basic Computer operator end user, for three months. She then moved to work in the ABE Club cyber, she did the typing, typesetting, printing and other computer related tasks. These tasks earned her some small shilling for the day.

In 2012 while still working in the ABE cyber, ABE Club decided to buy her a plot at Rukanga Market and the piece of land was registered under her name and further a business/house structure constructed for her. This gesture is a from the big hearted ABE family. According to her she never imagined that such a big gesture was to be extended her direction. She was more surprised when this family engineered the purchases of all other house necessities such as bed, table and chairs. The house was further installed with electricity again it was the ABE Family that helped her with the installation expenses and settling the bill with the Kenya power and lighting company. It was big boost to again because it therefore meant that she was to transact all the other cyber activities within her premises.

The Abe club thereafter bought her a printer and using money from her other proceedings and present from Abe she acquired a laptop and settled for the cyber business. “ ABE has been a loving club to me. Am not only amazed by their support but really appreciate their efforts in making me who I am. I had a son in between through rape which was very traumatizing, and thought that was going to be the end of their support, however the reverse was true. In fact my son bonded me with ABE so much. ABE is a very supportive and caring family. GOD blesses ABE Founder the Mr. Isaacs , Madam Kathy and their family.” She said

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