Nelly Wamboi, a student at Kenyatta University, pursuing a degree in Economics and Finance.



Embark on an intriguing tale of a remarkably bright young girl, Nelly. She is the second-born child of Mr. Joseph Mwamodo from Jora village and has three siblings. Nelly’s father works as a local miner in the quarries around the Kasigau Area.

During ABE’s sponsorship of academic Olympiads, where we conducted exams and awarded prizes in primary schools, we came across an exceptionally talented girl at Jora Primary School. Nelly consistently ranked first in her class during these exams, capturing our attention. We provided her with encouragement and support every time we visited her at school. When Nelly completed her eighth grade, she performed admirably, scoring 380 marks and earning admission to Matuga Girls in Msambweni, Kwale County.

Nelly was fully sponsored by ABE Club, which allowed her to focus wholeheartedly on her studies. She did not face any interruptions due to unpaid school fees, enabling her to devote her efforts to academic excellence. Her performance in exams remained consistently high, providing us with great optimism that her dedication would translate into exceptional results. Nelly shares that her school life was far from easy, as she had to make numerous sacrifices. With minimal financial support from her parents, particularly as a girl, she faced significant challenges. However, she remained unwavering in her determination to prioritize education as the key to a better future. In her second year, Nelly was appointed as the class representative, a testament to her leadership qualities, and we wholeheartedly congratulated her.

Time flew by, and four years felt incredibly short. Nelly’s progress reports continually impressed us, and as the team learned that she was preparing for her final exams, excitement filled the air.

When the results were announced, we were both surprised and elated. Nelly achieved a remarkable A- grade, the second-highest attainable. It brought immense joy to both her family and the ABE team. Nelly was subsequently admitted to Kenyatta University, where she is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance, now in her first year.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Nelly and assure her that we will continue to support her throughout her university journey. We firmly believe she is on the right path and will undoubtedly become an outstanding economist, as she aspires to be. Congratulations, Nelly!

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