The Transformation of the Three Banda House: A Testament to Community Efforts

The Three Banda House in Kasigau has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the community. This stunning place has regained its former glory, showcasing a fresh new look that is truly captivating. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Stephen for his generous support in funding the revamping expenses.

The community worked tirelessly, pouring their time and energy into the project, determined to see the Three Banda House restored to its full splendor. Additionally, ABE Club played a vital role in furnishing and adding the final touches to the kitchen, which is now fully operational. We had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Stephen and Mr. Clive during their visit in October, and the experience was nothing short of memorable.

As we gaze upon the resplendent main house, we cannot help but feel inspired to embark on a similar journey of refurbishment. Given its larger size, revitalizing the main house will require both substantial resources from the local community and financial support. Our aspiration is to have this endeavor completed by the end of 2022, making it ready to welcome and accommodate countless visitors.

Above: The newly completed kitchen, radiating charm and functionality after the community’s meticulous revamp.

I BANDA: A Dream Coming to Life

When dreams take shape, it is truly exhilarating to witness individuals pursuing their aspirations with unwavering determination. We previously shared the profound affection Mr. Stephen holds for the rock site, envisioning the construction of a modern and captivating cottage to serve as his personal sanctuary when in Kenya, as well as a welcoming homestay for friends and supporters visiting the country.


The project has reached a crucial stage, with Mr. Clive currently overseeing the roofing work and final finishes, supported by the presence of ABE Club representatives on the ground. As the Bungule community, we stand united in our support for Mr. Stephen and wish him the utmost success in his endeavor to create a truly exceptional destination within Kasigau.



As the completion of the project draws nearer, slated for 2022, we have every confidence that the vision will become a reality. The community of Bungule will continue to lend its unwavering support to Mr. Stephen, working hand in hand to make the Three Banda House the epitome of elegance and charm in Kasigau.

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