We shift our attention to one interesting story of Juliana Katini. A very social young lady with a certificate in hotel management, currently working for Sarova Hotel in Mombasa.

After her secondary education, Juliana went to a volunteer ship program with the ABE Club, this time around she was centered at Army Nichols community in the year 2009, where together with others ABE Sponsored student formed a volunteer program. She was the secretary of the group and a very active member of the group. Occasionally, this group will visit the Rukanga and Makwasinyi dispensary for their volunteering programs. They would do some cleaning and slashing to keep the health facilities around hygienic.

Today Juliana is working at the Sarova Hotel Mombasa and is grateful for ABE’s assistance, she appreciates all that was done by the club for the betterment of her life. She is optimistic that soon she will further her studies to diploma. She humbly therefore asked for sponsorship to further her studies. “if ABE will sponsor me for my diploma then I will be happier. The job market is saturated with similar certificates that make us under-paid or exploited since we are many and desperate to start working anywhere. Certificate is something but when in the job market, it’s very difficult to get a well-paying Job.

We pride Juliana for her effort and the zeal of making something out of her life. Once Juliana worked at the 3BH when the founder Mr. Steve and his family was around. She is hardworking and any help to further her studies will be highly appreciated.

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