College:  Mt. Kenya University

Year of Graduation: 2016

Flory Kilingo is one of our successful woman we have and are proud of as ABE Club. Apart from her humble background, she has a very unique and focused character which saw her do exceedingly well in her high school level

2009, when Flory was just in Form Two, ABE came in to save her from the looming effect that looked ahead due to lack of fees. She was happy and relieved of the great burden that the family was to raise for her stay in school. we pride Flory’s focus and self-drive that sees her to be who she is. When ABE Club came in to sponsor Flory’s education, it is evident that the family was very happy and she was one very bright student.

Flory graduated in July 2016, and now as we write, she is looking for a job in the Kenyan job market. We the ABE club wish her all the best and still believe that our efforts did count. Today we believe that her family will not be in the same state it was some years back. With a graduate in their midst the family has more hopes and believes in a better future.

“I thank the ABE club, and more so the founder Mr. Steve Isaacs and the family for every support in my life. I appreciate also the donors who sacrifice each dollar for the Kasigau child. You are our parents and if you can make it to Kenya one of these fine days then you are very much welcome.” Said Flory.

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