Damah comes from a relatively big, single parented nuclear family. Being the second born and with the first born not proceeded to high school, Damah thrived to be the ray of light for the family. After her primary schools, she got a letter to join Moi High school Kasigau. But there was the common problem, Finance. Yes, finances for school fees in the suburbs of Africa is a tone in the flesh. Many have suffered and without any hope of the future are still languishing in poverty. Her mum could not take her to school since her day labor payments from the jua kali food kiosks at Rukanga Market could only give them the basic needs.

Damah joined Moi high school, being an ABE Club fully sponsored student in 2011. She must have exercised the highest level of discipline in her four years of study. This is because, on overall, I could tress Damah as the only student who could work in the school during her vacation to at least have her pocket money. She could therefore use the library for her studies and curriculum coverage. She was determined and until her KSCE, had it not been for some other home issues which took her attention during her study time, Damah would have scored very good grade. With all these struggles, Damah attained a minigrade of C- in her KCSE.

Damah currently in her attachment program is happy for her progress so far. She is real focused to making sure that she attains her goal and puts smiles to her family.  She believes that one day her family will have a torch bearer.

Her words to fellow students!

“To my fellow student, sponsored by ABE club, please work extra smart for your future and also be able to remain in the sponsorship program. I understand with the current rules, you ought to work hard to guarantee your future fees payment. It’s all for your benefits. Please take the chance and run with it. There is time for everything. And this time is for you to make your future” she said. There is more installed for you, especially with the introduction of TSTI program, nothing and I repeat, nothing should make you not become what you want to become. Stay focused.

“ABE Club fully supports students and in response, students should work hard so as to uplift their future endeavors, also to see that the sponsors money is not thrown to waste. I sincerely thank ABE Club on behalf of my fellow sponsored students. May the good Lord bless you all.”

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