Celebrating Success: The Remarkable Impact of Bungule Health Clinic



In this heartfelt article, we express our deepest appreciation for the unwavering efforts of Mr. Stephen Isaac, along with every donor who played a crucial role in the construction of Bungule Health Clinic. Since our previous update, the clinic has become fully operational, surpassing our initial expectations. We are overwhelmed by the tremendous support received, from both the provision of essential medications to the allocation of skilled personnel. Additionally, the county government’s involvement in adding a nurse to the facility has further enhanced its efficiency. Bungule Health Clinic stands as a true blessing to the community, providing timely care for critical conditions and emergencies, as well as safe deliveries for numerous women.

A Momentous Occasion:

During Mr. Stephen’s visit to Kenya, we seized the opportunity to host the official opening ceremony of Bungule Health Clinic. The event was graced by esteemed officials from the Taita Taveta County Government, led by Governor Mr. Granton Samboja.


The presence of the Bishop of Taita-Taveta Dioceses, Rt. Rev Liverson Mng’onda, added a touch of spiritual significance to the occasion. The ceremony was attended by residents from Jora, Bungule, Mwakwasinyi, and other nearby villages, all coming together to celebrate this remarkable milestone. In his speech, Governor Samboja expressed heartfelt gratitude to the donors, specifically acknowledging Mr. Isaac and his family for their exceptional dedication in constructing and equipping the facility. He also recognized the church for generously providing the land and the local community for their unwavering support. The governor assured everyone that he would work closely with Mr. Isaac to ensure the people of Kasigau receive the best possible healthcare services.

Acknowledging Excellence:

During this momentous occasion, the Bishop took the opportunity to express his sincere appreciation to Mr. Stephen, presenting him with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the church. He emphasized the importance of leaders emulating Mr. Stephen’s outstanding commitment to making a positive difference in the community. Looking ahead, we hope to welcome volunteers from the USA, who will contribute their expertise and services to further enhance the healthcare provisions at the facility.

A Promising Future:

The county government pledged continued assistance and support in further equipping the Bungule Health Clinic. One critical aspect identified for improvement is the provision of staff houses to ensure that medical professionals can be readily available near the facility, especially during night emergencies. This strategic step will significantly enhance the clinic’s ability to provide timely and efficient care to patients in need.

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As we reflect on the remarkable journey of Bungule Health Clinic, we are filled with deep gratitude for the exceptional efforts of Mr. Stephen Isaac, the generous donors, and the collective support from the community and the county government. The success of this project is a testament to the power of collaboration and compassion. Bungule Health Clinic has already made a significant impact by providing vital healthcare services to over 3,000 patients, surpassing our initial targets. With the ongoing support and dedication of all stakeholders involved, we envision a future where Bungule Health Clinic continues to thrive, serving as a beacon of hope and healing for the people of Kasigau. Together, we celebrate this journey and look forward to a healthier, brighter tomorrow for all.

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