Expressing Gratitude for Life-Changing Support: A Heartfelt Appreciation


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest gratitude to Mr. Steve and his family for their immense contribution towards the well-being of my precious son, Ladan. Ladan’s journey began on April 14, 2019, when he was born. However, my wife encountered prolonged labor during delivery, which unfortunately had an impact on his brain development. Just two days after his birth, Ladan fell ill and was admitted to Moi Hospital Voi for a period of ten days. After careful examination, he was diagnosed with mild meningitis, but thankfully, he recovered and was discharged after receiving the necessary treatment.

As Ladan reached the age of five months, we noticed some nerve-related issues that were hindering his developmental milestones. In pursuit of finding a solution, we sought medical attention at Nairobi Hospital and even traveled to Tanzania, but unfortunately, the problem persisted. It was an incredibly challenging and confusing time for our family, and we feared we might lose our beloved son along this arduous journey. Despite our struggles, Mr. Isaacs consistently reached out to inquire about Ladan’s progress, offering his unwavering support and encouragement. His compassionate nature provided us with much-needed solace during those difficult moments.

In December 2020, Mr. Steve graciously offered to finance Ladan’s specialized treatment, specifically seeking the expertise of a pediatrician. Through his generous contribution of $1000, I took Ladan to Pandya Hospital, where we met an exceptional pediatrician. The doctor conducted a thorough examination and subsequently referred us to a neurologist, who conducted further tests before referring us back to the pediatrician. We followed their guidance and initiated a specialized treatment plan, including the administration of prescribed medications. Miraculously, within a week of starting the medication, we witnessed remarkable improvements in Ladan’s condition. The nerve problem that had plagued him for so long began to subside, and he began to develop at a rapid pace. Gradually, he gained the ability to sit on his own and even started to make small movements. The medical team also recommended therapy sessions, which Ladan has been diligently attending ever since. Furthermore, we have regular appointments every three months with the pediatrician in Mombasa, ensuring Ladan’s ongoing progress is monitored closely.

Ladan has made incredible strides since receiving the exceptional care provided by the pediatrician. These milestones would not have been possible without the unwavering support of Mr. Stephen and his family. While Ladan still faces challenges with his speech and has yet to utter a single word, we remain hopeful as doctors have advised us to commence speech therapy once he turns three in April of this year. Additionally, despite not yet walking independently, Ladan’s strength and boundless energy give us every reason to believe that one day he will achieve this significant milestone.

Last year, Ladan fell severely ill and was rushed to Bungule Dispensary at 9 PM. The dedicated nurse provided him with immediate first aid before we were transferred to Moi Hospital, where he received necessary medical care for five days. It is through the combined efforts of compassionate individuals like Mr. Steve, the vigilant healthcare professionals, and the invaluable support of Bungule Dispensary that Ladan has been able to overcome such challenging circumstances.

In conclusion, I express my heartfelt appreciation for the tremendous support we have received throughout Ladan’s journey. I am eternally grateful to Mr. Stephen and his family for their selflessness and generosity. Ladan’s progress thus far fills my heart with hope, and it is my greatest desire to witness him walking and talking, leading a fulfilled and joyful life in the future. The kindness and compassion shown by

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