Kasigau Weavers Group: Empowering Women through Commercial Bag Production


We are delighted to express our gratitude for the recent order of 2000 bags that we received this year. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Steve for his efforts in sourcing funds and securing donors for the conference bags. We understand the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, making such a substantial order even more remarkable.

During a meeting facilitated by Mr. Steve, we had the opportunity to connect with a portion of the group actively involved in bag and face mask production. The gathering provided a platform for the group members to share their aspirations and outline their future goals. One of the primary objectives is to acquire a spacious room dedicated to their sewing activities. This larger workspace will enable them to expand their membership and accommodate future growth. Additionally, the group highlighted the need to address issues related to worn-out sewing machines, which often require hiring additional machines to meet demand. To sustain their livelihoods throughout the year, the group eagerly anticipates securing more orders. The income generated from these bags has proven instrumental in providing food for their families, paying for their children’s education, and even initiating small personal projects.

As they prepare to embark on fulfilling the new order this year, the Kasigau Weavers Group expresses their requirement for essential equipment such as electricity iron boxes and overlock machines. Given the scale of the 2000-bag order, the group estimates a production timeline of approximately two months. Our aspiration is to secure at least six orders per year, enabling the group to work consistently throughout the year. This increased frequency of orders would not only benefit the women directly involved but also create employment opportunities for others in various stages of the production line, such as ironing and cutting.

The Kasigau Weavers Group remains committed to producing high-quality bags while empowering local women. With ongoing support and sustained business opportunities, we are confident that these remarkable artisans will continue to flourish. We invite individuals and organizations to join us in this endeavor, enabling us to uplift and transform the lives of these talented women. Together, we can foster economic growth, create sustainable livelihoods, and contribute to the prosperity of the Kasigau community.

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