Enhancing Academic Progress and Nurturing Young Minds: A Testament of Support

During our visit to schools alongside Mr. Isaacs for an academic Olympiad award ceremony, we were granted a unique opportunity to explore each educational institution in the Kasigau region. Mr. Steve’s intention was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the area’s academic progress, as significant changes in the educational landscape had influenced curriculum delivery. The introduction of the competence-based curriculum in Kenya brought forth new demands in the academic sector, placing additional responsibilities on parents, who are now required to support the procurement of learning materials. This shift impacted students in classes seven and eight, which marked the final phase of the 8-4-4 system. Evaluating the learners’ overall progress became a matter of utmost importance.

One of the remarkable schools we visited was Sasenyi Primary School. During our insightful tour, led by the headteacher, we learned about the impending food crisis plaguing the area. The headteacher expressed his concern over having meals available for only that week, emphasizing that the region was severely affected by drought. He feared that if students were allowed to return home during lunchtime, many would opt to remain at home due to the lack of sustenance. The risk of school dropout rates escalating due to the absence of meals further exacerbated his concerns. Responding swiftly to this distressing situation, Mr. Stephen proposed a solution to purchase meals for the school, amounting to $1000, which would sustain them for the remainder of the term.


With this timely contribution, Steve provided much-needed relief for that particular term. However, our apprehension lies in the future, considering the possibility of similar challenges arising without the necessary resources to support the schools. Our utmost desire is to ensure that every child has access to education within a conducive learning environment, and providing meals plays a vital role in achieving this goal. Given the circumstances in the Kasigau area, a less intensive approach might be required, as the Administration Police (AP) is already involved in the lunch program. Therefore, securing funds that can supplement such shortages whenever the need arises remains imperative.

Furthermore, we would like to highlight another significant initiative undertaken by the club: the provision of detergents to each primary school in the Kasigau region. Recognizing the importance of hygiene programs, particularly as learners prepare to resume full-time schooling in 2021, we extend our sincere appreciation to our generous donors for their unwavering support. Mr. Isaacs, in particular, has demonstrated his remarkable commitment by providing rapid assistance in endeavors such as this, even when they were not initially included in our budget last year.

In conclusion, we are humbled by the profound impact Mr. Steve and our donors have had on the educational landscape of Kasigau. Through their unwavering support, we have witnessed remarkable transformations in academic progress and the overall well-being of our students. However, we acknowledge the importance of sustained support to tackle potential future challenges. Let us strive to ensure that every child’s educational journey is nurtured, empowering them to reach their full potential and become the leaders of tomorrow. Together, we can create a brighter future for the children of Kasigau.

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