Stephen Isaacs, Amos, the School board and The Senator Mr. Mwaruma, former head teacher Mr. Lenox, during ABE Cheque awarding ceremony.
ABE club has also worked closely with the primary schools around the Kasigau area. In this regard, we are involved in a number of activities including: preschools where are have employed six (6) pre-school teachers on wage terms to supplement the current shortage the government has failed to deploy. We also support pupils who are needy but cannot raise boarding fees. In 2019, we paid for forty-four(44) pupils to enable them access to the Bungule primary boarding program. This program is aimed at helping children have more learning time and also study extra hours so as to maximally cover the syllabus and proper revision. And with this in place we have witnessed a great number transition from primary to secondary school. In some school, for example Bughuta and Bungule Primary there is amuch lower low ratio of teachers to students. Therefore, we have in the past years support the school with additional teachers. Currently we have 5 primary school teachers paid by ABE. This is a big financial burden that requires funds to support. We therefore appeal to the donors to support us in raising funds through ABE Founder Mr. Isaacs in the USA. It is also important to note that in 2019, ABE was unable to have our annual academic Olympiad because of budget constraints. While we have seen a positive and healthy impact when schools compete, funding remaina the biggest challenge. We also didn’t have our annual academic camp that has a primary objective of mentoring and motivating our students. We are looking forward to having one or more camps in 2020.
Mr. Amos Makalo, highlighting on the success realized on the financing of a boarding facility and addition of teachers in Bungule Primary
Elizabeth Mole is also among the students who has benefited from the TSTI program. After her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.SE) in the year 2015, she was unable to proceed to college because the family couldn’t afford the high college fees. Elizabeth therefore approached ABE director Mr. Amos Makalo and after a critical analysis of her situation, she was awarded the sponsorship to go and pursue her medical career. It’s worth noting that, such alarming situation get our attention as ABE personnel on the ground. SUCCESS STORY From Left, Amos Makalo,(ABE) Elizabeth (Graduant) Her mother and sister This is true for young girls, who if not well cared for might be exposed to an uneasy life and even misuse by the rich. Eliza’s course took three years, she joined in 2016 and completed in 2019. We take pride in her determination and promise to play our part of paying her fees as she responds by studying hard and getting the right grades every time she sits for her exam. This promise is not possible without the aid of our able sponsors. You are more than ten treasures of coal and a caring friend. When asked about ABE Club, Liz had this to say “ABE Club is the best club that does its best to help vulnerable, bright and needy students to purse their dreams. Otherwise, many would have been stranded because of lack of school fees. I will live to appreciate their generosity.” We had our eyes on Eliza for the past three years. She is now through and we are proud of her. During her graduation this year, Mr Amos Makalo attended to witness the success that you made possible. Thank you so much our donors. Other students who completed their diplomas in 2019 are: Maggy Kalaghe, certificate in nursing, Mike Mzee, Diploma in accounting, Santa Mdzomba, teaching certificate, and Doreen Nyange, diploma in food and beverage. We wish them good luck as they begin their job search. We made a difference in their life.

RELIEF FOOD One of our activities for this year was feeding the poor. During Stephen Isaacs’ visit we had a privilege of visiting some homesteads that were in urgent need of relief food. These alarming situations were severe in Bughuta and Zungulukani Villages where residents find it next to impossible to access clean water and food. ABE club therefore agreed to help with the relief food as a short term solution as we also embarked on a more sustainable way. In this regard therefore we received funds $5000 each month that enabled purchases and supply of the food to the need and hungry families. We supply these families with food to sustain them at least for a month. However this is not possible without the greatest sacrifice you make. Again its worth noting that the relief food is its current quantities means even the beneficiaries need to sacrifice a couple of meals for it to sustain them till the next batch.

Relief food beneficiaries from Jora Community.
During relief distribution, we hold brief meetings with beneficiaries to sensitize them on the importance of conservation agriculture. This is a new method of farming which is aimed at making sure they utilize the little rain that the area experience to produce some tangible and reasonable food supplies. Besides is Mr. Amos hailing the beneficiaries to start preparing their shambas and also work closely with the area agricultural officer so as to arrest any cases that might be a barrier to production this coming season. He also affirmed on ABE commitment to support the farmers on the provision of area friendly seeds in this season. These seeds will be delivered and a close monitor be done to making sure that we maximize on the little rain season.
Amos taking to farmers at Jora village
Above members a group benefiting from the food program, receiving seeds from Abe club.
We promised and were true to our word – we delivered the seeds on time and the farmers were happy . Again, such initiatives would not have been possible without your support and generous giving. We appreciate Steve Isaacs for his great effort on donor finding and personal funding that has been timely and effective too.
Above: The corn about to be harvested, with the right seeds and training then more harvests will come
As you can see the corn above that’s the expected harvests in most of the farms in Kasigau. A great relief and success on our side. This is in one of the seven farmer “field schools.” Despite the challenge of Army worms, farmers can afford a smile this time By end of January we shall be harvesting this corn and share it with the needy cases in Kasigau. AMY CENTER, AND MICROFINANCE (KWG BAGS) Amy Center, a community resource center that has been a host of our variety of activities. We have the office of the Director, ABE. KWG workshop, library and wall. 2019, we sorted to improve the Library area by installing a more ventilated windows (work in progress) and also the study area was modified to provide a conducive area for study. We have introduced in the area good raised and well partitioned tables where the learner will be able study effectively. This facility has a full time paid employee and their wages come from ABE funding .
New Army Center Library arrangements
Children from a nearby Child development Center having fun the people’s park
Amy Center is also a home to a very beautiful and well maintained public people’s park. With the presence of the people’s park, we have been able to host community meetings, and also have a children’s fun day in the area. We have also seen a number of microfinance groups handling their meetings in the area. The area requires day-to-day maintenance and in this regard a gardener is in place. He is also paid by ABE Club.
ABE director standing in front of Amy center
In 2019, we had our micro-finance project (KWG bags) order worked in the facility too. We had two orders of 1000 and 950 bags that has helped to create income for the women in the area too. We hope to receive more orders and work on them too. CLINIC Health is an important sector in the government and also it’s a field that is deep in the heart of Stephen Isaacs. It was during one of his visit in Kenya that he decided to fund the building of a clinic at Bungule Village to help bring health services close to the residents. This project has so far used close to $70,000 and and still needs some couple of dollars for the installation of equipment which will enable the commencement of services. Pictures: Mr Isaacs accompanied by the Senator of Taita-Taveta county  Hon Jones Mwaruma  and other stakeholders during a visit and inspection of the clinic structure.
Steve, Mwaruma
THE I-BANDA PROJECT Mr. Stephen has his love for the Kasigau people and place made it possible for the allocation of his favorite site to construct a house that he will be spending his time when in Kenya and in Kasigau. Also the house will be a host to other friends of his that will wish to visit Kenya and stay in a calm and serene environment and possibly volunteer to work with the community in various sectors such as education, environmental conservation and health. The area also is very nice since one has the best view of Tsavo National parks.
Above: Stephen Isaacs addresses villagers accompanied by Amos (ABE Director, Africa)
2020 plans With availability of funds we shall implement our programs as budgeted. We need to help our students attain their academic goals. Hopes of this students together with their families is on ABE Club and we hope will be there to assist them. We are looking forward to work with farmers to help in boosting food harvests. There will be some harvests this year and thus our focus will shift to ways of boosting harvests. We missed some projects in 2019 and looking forward to undertake them this year. We appeal to donors! Looking forward to operationalize the clinic and ABE Club will sup-port in different ways. DETAILS USD Donation Expenditures
  • Sponsership -High school              42646
  • Army Monthly Expenses                  2400
  • Amy Nicholls renovations                   740
  • Primary school sponsorship            6000
  • ECD                                                       6821
  • SPORTS                                                2950
  • Primary school teachers                    9095
  • Kasigau Gilrs water project              3684
  • ACADEMIC OLYMPIADE                4237
  • Teachers conference                          2802.
  • ACADEMIC CAMP-                            1421.
  • MISCELLENEOUS                             1052.
  • MOTORBIKE AND FUEL                   947
  • Women empowement                       7005.
  •  IGA- Water bottoling                      10526
  • Bungule community clinic              15000
  • Salaries                                                32113
  • TSTI                                                     14736
  • TOTAL                                               164915 

SUMMURY ABE Club team in Kenya is committed to implementing projects to sastisfactory level in an open and transperant manner. We look forward to impact life positively in 2020 ,more than before. We shall remain focused and committed to working closely with all stakeholders. Together we shall make a difference END OF REPORT

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