Ruphence Mwasi happens to be one of the beneficiaries of the great ABE club sponsorship too. Coming from a humble poor background makes her to focus much of her energy on her high school studies and match her expectation in the long run.

Actually it was in 2008, when ABE made contact to Ruphence and offered her the fully four years’ sponsorship. Sources, confirm that had it not been for ABE support, Ruphence wouldn’t have pursed her high school education.

“my family was very happy and according to my own analysis, from my families background it was a hard task raising my fees and that was going to be a very hard task” analyzed Ruphence.

Ruphence is currently practicing her teaching in a high school on the upper suburbs of central Kenya. She is part and parcel of the great work that ABE is tirelessly doing. We are ensuring the we produce more topnotch professionals thus enhance employment ability and skill dependence to eradicate the looming poverty.

“I greatly benefited from ABE club and pray that it stays on course and alive so as to bring hope to the hopeless, bring light to the darkest part of our region as far as education is concerned and awaken all the dreams that looks to be shuttered. It’s possible and evident. So shall it be. Again thank you for the great support.” ended Ruphence.

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