Mariam Suleiman is a brilliant young woman from Bungule Village. She has a high affinity for education and her effort is exemplary. She is unique.  However, her zeal for education saw her move from Bungule Primary to Mwasere Girls High School where she did her O levels in the year 2009.

After the result, it was clear that the young woman had faced the right direction as far as education and career was concerned. She scored a B- grade which would carry her either to a university as a parallel student or take her to a well-known college. But she immediately chose the path of volunteer with ABE club as an interpreter during the HIV/AIDs education program in early 2010. Late 2010, she volunteered as librarian at Army Nichols Center Bungule.

Mariam’s Father had been involved in an accident at the construction site and could not raise the money for his daughter’s college education. She applied for a course in the medical field, where she was to do her medicine course. Luckily enough she was called to join Kenya Medical Training College in the year 2012 with a promise of full sponsorship from ABE club, which materialized.  The course on clinical medicine ran for three years. Thanks to ABE Club and the sponsors, at no point did Mariam lack school fees. In the year 2014, Mariam’s sponsors visited Kenya and celebrated two years of her medicine career. She was up to the task and that impressed the sponsor so much. She says “it was the most amazing thing I have ever thought”.

In February, 2016 she joined her internship program at Msambweni referral Hospital and the program is to run for one year.She Currently works at Kasigau health center.

We therefore attach Mariam’s success with the good-hearted individuals who decided that Africa and not only Africa, but Kenya and in particular Taita and Bungule, to try and lift the lives of our young brothers and sisters.

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