Name: Granton Matasa


BSc. Agribusiness

College: Rongo University

Year of Graduation: 2018

Granton Maghanga is one of the beneficiaries of the ABE club sponsorship program. Having come from a poor background, Granton remains a very focused and bright young man with an exceptional desire to teach. In fact, as I write, he is working as a volunteer teacher at Bungule primary school.


“I tried my best to score a B plain given that I was the school overall leader and a candidate at the same time” Granton encored in our recent interview with him, he continued..

” life from the beggining looked a nightmare from my side ,but through reading books such “enemy of the people ” the writer being a testimony from abject poverty like me , I made a commitment from very early stage of my life never to loose hope .Being second born from a family of seven , i was indeed aware of my uncertainity about the future ,Abe club came as a last resort to my hopes and grabbed the chance and since highschool to graduation , I must admit that it is a miracle to have made this far .I am sincerely grateful for the sponsorship and i made a vow to also be a change into the lives of other needy and bright students not only in my community but the country with all that lies ahead . I will forever be grateful and always a proud Alumni of Abe club .God bless Abe club ,Long live Abe ”.

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