Year of Graduation:

Dorothy a mother of four and a devoted ECD teacher but before that Dorothy was a housewife although ambitious to study and earn when employed.

Just before then, 2007 Mrs. Maza started to work as a PTA teacher at Bungule Primary. School. In 2008 therefore meant she could join her course on vocational basis. Being a very hardworking teacher, she did everything possible to balance class work and family matters.  She could work for the whole term and use her vacation for her studies at Taita DESED center at Kenyatta High School. While doing so, ABE club offered her full sponsorship and that made her begin her journey towards her dream. She relentlessly approached her studies and made each piece stand.

When asked what she had to say about ABE, here is her response “ABE club came into my life at a point where I had given up on my studies. To me it is an eye opener and that if it were not for their efforts to enable me begin my studies, I wouldn’t have done anything on my own. Thanks to ABE Club since it was a worth starter. With ABE’s effort, I believe many will realize their dreams fully. God bless ABE Club and more so the Isaacs family for such a great idea.”

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