“I met ABE Club in 2006 when I joined Mo High school. My father who works as a watchman and my mum a peasant farmer could not raise my high school fees”, started off Margaret. But thanks to ABE Club sponsorship program. A third born of a family of six she was the the first one to have made it to high school, thanks to Abe club.

2011, Margaret enrolled for a diploma in social and community development for just two years before there was a communication breakdown thus couldn’t finish her studies. She real appreciates the fact that ABE had decided to sponsor her higher levels of studies.

“ABE is a very helpful club. I understand what it is to be without education and then a sponsor comes and helps our family in raising my fees. It is encouraging and uplifting. I thank the founders and the sponsors for the good job that they are doing to our community. Your effort is and will continue to count in our lives.”

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