ABECLUB 2018 Activities

ABECLUB 2018 Activities


ABE CLUB offers sponsorship to bright needy students in Kasigau area. We sponsor students, from poor families from primary school through to high school to colleges and universities to the level of undergraduates. Selection is done by our team with the help of local leaders, school teachers and other education stake holders

Academic Camp

All high school students are required to attend an academic camp sponsored by ABECLUB. the camp seeks to motivate the learners to keep on the focus of academic excellence during which learners interact with different professionals, Motivational speakers and spiritual speakers and counsellors

Primary School Support- Academic Olympiad

ABECLUB Sponsors one exam per term for the six schools around the hill, and then awards the winners of the academic Olympiad. this helps in creating competition among the six schools.

Teachers Workshop

ABECLUB funds teachers workshop each year the teachers and the learners interact with Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) to give more directions on the National Exams Requirement.

Menses/ Pads

This project targets the girl child in all the schools in Kasighau. These pads are made by a group of trained women who move around schools trying to sensitize and deliver the pads to the girls. in 2018 Abeclub managed to reach as far as Zungulukani Primary School. ABECLUB Pays for the materials and then buys the pads from those women.

Remedial Teachers

ABECLUB Pays salaries for two teachers in Kasighau, one in Bungule and the other in Buguta. We are always looking forward to adding more teachers so we can cover the teacher shortage in Kasighau

ECD Support

ABECLUB gives material support to schools in Kasighau, Both Learning and playing materials. We have given ten mattresses to all the six ECD centres around the hill. ABECLUB went further to give porridge for almost all ECD schools in Kasighau.  ABECLUB has hired 6 ECD teachers in the six schools around the hill


ABECLUB also appreciates that not everybody has a gift for academics. 
Those gifted in sports also get a platform to showcase their talents. ABECLUB supports a football league every year. with the aim of targeting talented youth in the village. The best players then get a chance to play with other teams outside Kasighau area.
This way they too can showcase their talents.
ABECLUB also supports other sporting activities such as marathon


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