Amy Nicholls Memorial

Amy Nicholls

In Memory of Amy Nicholls, A volunteer from England who died tragically at lake Challa in Taveta. Amy Nicholls community center was built in 2002.  Amy was among a group of students volunteers living with the communities of Kasighau at the time. Following her death, the family raised funds and built a memorial centre which they later donated to Bungule Village. Since then ABECLUB has continued to support the centre.

Here is a list of some of the things we have done.

  1. Here are some of the thing ABECLUB has done so far.
  2. Started a Library in the centre and employed a librarian/Secretary.
  3. Installed a DSTV Dish, A projector and a TV for theatre and sports center
  4. Fenced the compound and created the people’s park/Garden.
  5. Meeting Hall Facilitation.
  6. Sewing Workshop
  7. ABEclub also uses the building at their office and store.
  8. The centre is open to the public for meetings and Bazaars
  9. Renovating, Repairs and Maintenance
  10. Employed a Gardener and watchman.
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